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Honey bees are an ancient existing species and live in huge colonies of usually 40,000- 60,000. Each colony consists of the queen bee, who is the chief egg layer, workers (females) and drones (males). Honey bees build swarms as their method of reproduction. They shift their habitat during spring which results in a huge cluster of honey bees migrating from one place to another creating a huge noise which often scares others. Everyone is scared of a bee hive as it implies that there are honey bees around. The sting of the honey bee is really painful and poisonous.

But nonetheless, honey bees are reared in large numbers at Honeybee Gardens or farms. They are bred in large numbers to obtain a lot of useful products from them also to make sure that they do not cause any major harm to human population. The art of beekeeping is known as apiculture. From ancient times, man has reared animals and birds. Therefore they also tried their hand at rearing honey bees in artificial hives made from logs, wood, pots etc.

honeybee gardens
There are many ways in which Honeybee Gardens farming is carried out. The conventional method refers to using fixed combs or hives where the comb is immovable and cannot be manipulated. It cannot be harvested until a permanent damage is caused to it. Any hollow structure like a log, trunk etc. can be used for this matter. This method has become really outdated and illegal in some countries. Yet some places follow this method, as it earns them their bread and butter.

Modern technology involves the use of movable hives where the frames are movable. These are more convenient when it comes to the harvester. Top bar hives are another kind of bee farming where they have no frames. The combs aren’t returned to the hive after their extraction unlike the movable hives. Hence the honey production is less when compared to a movable hive. Top-bar hives are usually reared by the ones who want to rear honey bees, rather than generating honey. These cost lesser and are found better when it comes to interacting with bees.

Beekeepers need to be really careful when they harvest bees. They need to be protected completely to avoid any stings. The sting could be venomous. The effect of the sting on the face is much more than on any other body part. Therefore most beekeepers prefer to keep their face and neck covered. Amateurs also wear gloves while experienced ones don’t wear them. They usually wear suits that are not colorful. These suits need to be washed regularly to remove any stings as these continue to eject out alarm pheromone which attracts more dangerous activities of the bees. The best is to rinse the clothes regularly.

Backyard keeping is yet another small scale way of rearing bees to obtain honey. They usually use minimum pesticides and practiced in areas where pesticides are banned. Bees are reared for a lot of products, the major one being honey. Other products related to the hive are bee wax, pollen, propolis and even royal jelly. Bee gardens have provided employment to a large mass of people all across the world.


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Honeybees can cause a menace to human beings when left free. But have you ever thought about those that make a living out of honeybee farming? Beekeeping industry is booming, growing beyond bounds. Bees have been reared for ages now. They have been reared not just for their honey, but other products like bee wax, pollen and jelly which are related to the honey comb. It sure is risky, but nowadays with a lot of modern facilities, it has become really simple.

Beekeeping is also known as apiculture. Honey bees are reared in farms together under closed conditions. Bee rearing has evolved over a period. There has been a paradigm shift in the conventional methods as opposed to the modern methods. The current methods are adept with use of modern technology. Many might wonder, from where did the idea of rearing honey bees occur? The logic behind this was really simple. If cows, buffaloes, sheep, chicken, birds etc. can be reared; why can’t bees? That’s when evolved with many sustaining their livelihood only on honeybee farming.

honeybee gardens
The conventional beekeeping methods involved just picking up any random hollow source and rearing the combs inside it. Often logs of wood or even huge chunk of tree’s barks were used to rear the honey bees. The hive was smashed, with honey, eggs and larvae and then honey was strained out from it. This was then sieved out. The harvest would involve causing a permanent damage to the hive which was non- retrievable. This involved hunting for new hives every time honey was harvested. But this served as the main source of livelihood for large chunks of population.

After this came the movable honey comb, which added a new chapter to bee keeping. These were artificially constructed bee hives. Hives had top open frames and need not be destroyed each time during harvest. Once extraction is complete, the combs are not returned back to the hive. Top-bar hives are another form of modern bee keeping, where the hives don’t have frames. Unlike the previous one, the combs are not returned back to the hives. Hence the production might be a little less in this case. These are preferred by people who want to rear bees rather than produce honey.

The results of a honeybee sting aren’t unknown. Apart from causing scintillating pain, it is also highly venomous. It must be treated immediately to avoid any further problems. Bee keepers wear a lot of protective clothing to ward honey bees from them. They usually wear a suit that’s not colourful. Face and neck are the most crucial areas and need to protected well. They wear masks to protect their faces. Experienced bee keepers do not wear gloves, but the ones who have just started are advised to wear gloves. Stings on the hands can be removed easily by scratching it out. The suits are washed regularly to remove any stings that may hover on to them. The venom attracts more bee activities. Hence they are rinsed thoroughly.

Beekeeping as such is an industry and a source of livelihood for large colonies of people.

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